5 W’s & H series: Where

By Caitlin Kerfin

Religion in news is sometimes very obvious, like the recent popular Pope coverage. However, once you start looking for it, religion can be found in stories read daily in local, sports and national sections. Faith touches all aspects of life, so it can creep into your story easily. Even if you’re not a religion beat reporter, you will find it in your work, and probably not just once.

Here is a list of examples of religion news that you may not have thought would come up in the section:

Religion news can be found in sports, like in the recent World Cup coverage: Ramadan poses test to Muslim players at World Cup by James Montague

Politics can involve religion, such as the recent Hobby Lobby case and many others: Religious freedom cases to fill Supreme Court docket by Meredith Somers

Religion can be found in advocacy topics like Domestic Violence: Even religious leaders have things to learn, like how to better serve domestic violence victims by Kelsey Dallas

Religion event coverage: National Association of Pastoral Musicians convention set to hit St. Louis by Lilly Fowler

Religion can even come up in the weather section: Praying for rain: the intersection of weather and religion by Dennis Mersereau

Many movies are coming out regarding faith topics and popular biblical stories: ‘Noah’ film sparks debate over one of the world’s oldest and most beloved stories by Sarah Pulliam Bailey

Religion can be found in business news: Urban Outfitters’ Lord Ganesh duvet cover upsets Hindus by Mizzou RNA president and co-founder Heather Adams

Religion can be found in the crime/public safety beat: Mindfulness in policing: Hillsboro cops look inward to keep the peace by Rebecca Woolington

Reporters often cover the local faith community: Broadway Christian Church promotes literacy with little library by Daniela Sirtori

Religion can be found in health/science topics and is popular in neuroscience lately: Lecture “Yoga and Spirituality” demonstrates how yoga can be healing by former Mizzou RNA president and co-founder Caitlin Kerfin

Religion can be found in Buzzfeed lists: 43 church signs too clever for their own good by Julie Gerstein

Religion in fashion: Cavalli’s offensive underwear by Vogue

Have you ever written a story that involved religion when you weren’t expecting it to? Where was it published? What was the topic? Reply below.

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