5 W’s & H series: Who

Who do we report on?


That’s the simplest answer. Religion affects everyone in one-way or another, and there fore, we cover it in that mindset.

This list of 20 religions and headlines gives just one example of all the ways religion is covered:

  1. Amish- “Amish report staggering growth in Midwest
  2. Atheists- “New book exhorts atheists to ‘come out’ of the closet
  3. Baha’i- “Did you know MU’s Ellis Library has one of the top Baha’i book collections?
  4. Buddhism- “Dalai Lama wows Maryland crowd, rubs noses with governor
  5. Catholics- “Pope Francis tells couples not to substitute dogs and cats for children
  6. Hindus- “Hindus in New Jersey school district want a day off for Diwali
  7. Interfaith- “Interfaith group speaks out in wake of Santa Barbara shooting spree
  8. Jehovah’s Witness- “45,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses fill Detroit’s Ford Field
  9. Jews- “’Princesses’ embraces a stereotypes and leaves some Jews uncomfortable
  10. Mormon- “Inside the Mormons’ elite Missionary Training Center
  11. Muslims- “New organization unites American Muslims in one coalition
  12. Pagans- “Fox apologizes for comments on Wiccans at University of Missouri
  13. Pastafarian- “Flying Spaghetti Monster invades state capitols!!!
  14. Protestant- “Southern Baptists oppose gender reassignment
  15. Rastafarian- “Rastafarian files suit after UPS tells him to cut dreadlocks
  16. Satanists- “Satanists release design for proposed Oklahoma State Capitol monument
  17. Shinto- “Shinto priests prepare to mark Japan’s quake anniversary
  18. Sikhism- “Sikhs stand up to bullying as they try to build understanding
  19. Unitarian Universalist- “Unitarian church embraces environmental stewardship with green initiative
  20. Zoroastrians- “Iran’s Zoroastrians celebrate Persian roots


Can you think of any other religions?

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